June 28th Newsletter

By Olivia Snyder, Co-Editor

Hello TSS readers, welcome to the start of another week. We had an encouragingly high number of views on our content last week, so we hope the addition of multiple streaming platforms will keep the views coming. This is our first week where we will include content outside of Netflix, so we hope you enjoy!

On Tuesday, I will be publishing my review of Hulu’s Plan B, a teen comedy film about two best friends that embark on a crazy road trip in order to find the morning after pill, after one of the girls has drunken, unprotected sex with a high school classmate. There’s a lot of laughs involved, but is it enough to make the film stand out from other comedy films of the same nature?

For Wednesday, Sorenya is covering Black Summer, a Netflix show about a group of strangers trying to survive a zombie apocalypse. As the show progresses, you’re left just as clueless as when it started. Her review will attack the numerous plot holes that leave you wondering what direction the show is heading in. Black Summer is a summer you definitely won’t enjoy.

On Thursday, Courtney will be reviewing Amazon Prime’s One Night in Miami, a film that answers the question “if you could invite four people from history to dinner, who would they be?” The heart of the play-turned-film is an extended conversation between Jim Brown, Malcom X, Muhammad Ali and Sam Cooke. Good writing keeps the film interesting as the four discuss ideas about advancement and spirituality.

For Friday, Anthony will be publishing an analytical piece about the Netflix original anime Yasuke. His analysis explores if Yasuke was created to actually add diversity to the anime genre, or if it’s just another example of catering to audience desires in order to generate profit. At the end of the day, the series was released by a major platform/corporation who stands to profit from an audience that wants this type of diverse content, but there is also value in breaking barriers and showing these characters on screen in the form of anime.

Thanks for checking in! Feel free to contact us if there is a particular film or series that you’d like us to review/analyze.

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