July 5th Newsletter

By Olivia Snyder, Co-Editor

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend. Despite the holiday, we still have a full week of new content coming up for you! Just an FYI, Anthony and I will be switching writing roles for the week. Keep an eye out for the following pieces:

On Tuesday, Anthony will be publishing a review of Invincible, an original animated series from Amazon Prime. The series, which has given us several meme templates already, follows a teenager named Mark Grayson. His father is Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth, but there is more to his background than we think.

For Wednesday, Sorenya is covering Jiva! from Netflix. Jiva! showcases the life of Ntombi by exploring South African dance culture, navigating family drama and finding her purpose again. The show’s vibrancy, music and overall aesthetic keeps you hooked to the screen despite the average storyline.

On Thursday, Courtney will be reviewing the much anticipated Luca from Disney Plus. Luca is a sun-soaked summer movie with friendly monsters, certain to appeal to families and children. After wondering “what if cars/bugs/toys/emotions had feelings?”, Pixar is finally asking “what if Italians had feelings?”

Finally, for Friday, I will be writing an analytical piece about Bo Burnham’s Inside special, which has been making waves in the Film Twitter community since it first came out. My piece will explore Burnham’s interpretation of the 2020 pandemic quarantine experience, as well as his own personal existentialism.

We have a very exciting week coming up for you all. Happy Fourth!

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