July 26th Newsletter

By Olivia Snyder, Co-Editor

Hello TSS readers, thanks for tuning in this week. It’s hard to believe that July is already almost over, but we are still moving full speed ahead with lots of new content. I know I’ve said this before, but I am very proud of my incredible Staff Writers and the great content that they are pumping out every week. Here’s this week’s lineup:

For Tuesday, I will be reviewing the second season of Netflix’s Never Have I Ever, a short and sweet teen comedy about an Indian girl growing up in Los Angeles. The first season executed a well-planned love triangle between protagonist Devi and her two crushes, but did the second season meet expectations as an equally funny and cohesive sequel? Check in tomorrow to find out.

On Wednesday, Sorenya will be covering Invisible City. This Netflix series explores Brazilian folklore and brings to life magical creatures that were only read in stories. This review will look at how the once non-existent beings are brought to life, and how they disrupt the human world.

For Thursday, Courtney is reviewing The Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Despite a sci-fi gimmick, this Amazon Prime film is your average coming of age romance: sentimental, sweet, safe. Not bad, but not particularly special either.

And finally, for Friday, Anthony is tackling the Friday Analytical with a follow up to his Beastars Season 2 review from last week. He will be examining what the carnivore vs. herbivore conflict in Beastars might represent, and how it may serve as an allegory for several different social issues.

Thanks for reading!

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