August 23rd Newsletter

Dear TSS Readers,

Big news this week: Netflix’s animated Witcher film, Nightmare of the Wolf, just released today, so obviously we at the Second Stylus and The Path are very excited about it. We are planning to cover this film for our very first podcast episode (soon to be recorded!), so stay tuned! Thanks for reading.

For Tuesday, Anthony will be reviewing Blood Red Sky, a German action-thriller about an airplane heist with a supernatural premise. Anthony doesn’t cover non-animated content that often, so be sure to give this one a read!

On Wednesday, Sorenya will be covering Another Life from Netflix. When an alien spacecraft enters Earth’s atmosphere, a group of scientists is tasked with making contact. This review will explore how the commander of the crew has to keep everyone on board safe, while navigating new alien territory.

For Thursday, Courtney is reviewing Amazon Prime’s Annette. Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard lead this musical from French director Leos Carax, which explores the unreality of performance. Incredibly original, its biggest surprise might be the child puppet.

Finally, for Friday, Olivia will be publishing an analytical piece about the recently revealed cast for Netflix’s planned live action adaption of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and what this could mean for the series going forward. This will be the first of multiple planned articles that analyze the live action series.

Happy reading!

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