August 30th Newsletter

Hello TSS Readers,

Welcome to the start of a new week, and (almost) a new month. We have lots of exciting content coming your way, including the upcoming release of our very first podcast episode! We have finished recording, and the final product is currently in the editing process. We will send out an official announcement when that episode is available for streaming. Stay tuned 😉

For Tuesday, Olivia will be reviewing the brand new animated Witcher movie on Netflix, Nightmare of the Wolf. Her piece will discuss character development, comparisons with the live action series, and whether or not animation is the superior format for Witcher content.

On Wednesday, Sorenya will review Netflix’s Clickbait. The new limited series centers around the abduction of Nick Brewer. Through the highly publicized investigation, the abduction turns into a conspiracy filled with deception and lies. This review will look at how the most powerful tool used in this show, the Internet, can be quite daunting and scary.

For Thursday, Courtney is reviewing the film Bliss from Amazon Prime. Bliss may feature big name actors including Owen Wilson and Bill Nye, but the sci-fi adventure sticks too close to The Matrix to inspire a strong audience reaction.

Finally, for the Friday Analytical this week, Anthony will be completing Part 2 of his analyses on Castlevania with an exploration of the character of Lenore, and how we can engage with problematic characters in media.

Thanks for checking in!

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