Bliss: It’s Just Another Simulation

By Courtney Thomas Score: 3/10 While not overtly bad, Bliss felt like a formulaic movie I’d seen many times before. Most simply, it’s a Matrix type sci-fi drama centered around the question of what is real and what isn’t. The plot is confusing, not only because of the real/not real subject matter, but it playsContinue reading “Bliss: It’s Just Another Simulation”

Annette: A Surreal and Surprising Musical

By Courtney Thomas Score: 8/10 Leo Carax’s Annette is something of a surreal opera, and not just because Marion Cotillard plays an opera singer. Sound, including sung dialogue, is the most important element in this surprising, experimental, but not impenetrable film about performance, death, and love.  As the opening credits roll, the audience is askedContinue reading “Annette: A Surreal and Surprising Musical”

Frank of Ireland: A Disappointing Comedy with an Immature Protagonist

By Courtney Thomas Score: 3.5/10 The Gleeson brothers’ Frank of Ireland is billed as a comedy, but the sitcom is more depressing than humorous.  Titular man-child Frank (Brian Gleeson) doesn’t have a job or a car, and although he considers himself a musician, he hasn’t written a song since breaking up with Aine (Sarah Greene),Continue reading “Frank of Ireland: A Disappointing Comedy with an Immature Protagonist”

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: Wholesome but Forgettable

By Courtney Thomas  Score: 5/10 Amazon Prime’s The Map of Tiny Perfect Things is a fairly mediocre addition to the streaming platform’s offerings. It manages to be charming, but ultimately is a trite film that takes no risks. Part coming of age drama, part rom-com, part science fiction, the movie is another entry into theContinue reading “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things: Wholesome but Forgettable”

The Great Escapists: Sitcom Elements Shipwreck Promising Engineering Show

By Courtney Thomas Score: 3/10  The Great Escapists finds television personalities Richard Hammond and Tory Belleci on a deserted island. Their friendship is pushed to its limits and they complete impressive works of engineering in their attempts to get rescued and make the island more comfortable. The premise, watching car expert Hammond and Belleci ofContinue reading “The Great Escapists: Sitcom Elements Shipwreck Promising Engineering Show”

Superhero Subversion and Reaffirmation in Invincible

*Spoilers for Logan and Invincible ahead* In 2017, I watched the film Logan, which is inspired by the “Old Man Logan” alternate storyline from the X-Men comics and stars Hugh Jackman as an aging Wolverine. I remember feeling that this film was different from other superhero movies I’d seen, but I couldn’t really put myContinue reading “Superhero Subversion and Reaffirmation in Invincible”

Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson Trades Petrol for Pastures

By Courtney Thomas Score: 7/10 Irreverent television host Jeremy Clarkson’s latest show is worlds away from BBC’s Top Gear and Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour, the popular car shows on which he previously starred alongside Richard Hammond and James May, but Amazon Prime’s 2021 series Clarkson’s Farm proves his talent as a presenter applies toContinue reading “Clarkson’s Farm: Jeremy Clarkson Trades Petrol for Pastures”

I Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Invincible

Score: 8/10 *MINOR SPOILERS AHEAD* Is it too late to be talking about Invincible? Yes?  I’m going to do so anyway because I still can’t stop thinking about it, and I’ve already watched the first episode at least three times introducing indoctrinating different groups of friends to the show. I love this show and I’mContinue reading “I Still Can’t Stop Thinking About Invincible”

One Night in Miami: “A Work of Fiction Powered by the Truth”

By Courtney Thomas Score: 8.5/10 One Night in Miami is a speculative look into a fascinating night in history. Set on February 25, 1964, the day Muhammad Ali (then Cassius Clay) won the world heavyweight championship, the heart of the play-turned-film is The Champ’s victory celebration, a small affair in a shabby hotel room attendedContinue reading “One Night in Miami: “A Work of Fiction Powered by the Truth””