Raya and The Last Dragon: A Critique of Disney’s Representation of South Asian People and Character Design

By Olivia Snyder When the official trailer for Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon first dropped in late January of this year, not to be dramatic, but I can honestly say that my heart almost stopped. Since the release of Mulan in 1998, the collection of official Disney princesses has been sorely lacking another princessContinue reading “Raya and The Last Dragon: A Critique of Disney’s Representation of South Asian People and Character Design”

Luca: A Feel-Good Summer Animation

By Courtney Thomas Score: 7/10 In this summer blockbuster, sea monsters disguised as humans secretly enter an Italian fishing village. First two… then more. Meanwhile, young Giulia doesn’t suspect a thing. Phrased that way, the plot of Enrico Casarosa’s Luca sounds like that of a shriek filled B-movie, but the above description couldn’t be fartherContinue reading “Luca: A Feel-Good Summer Animation”

Review on Disney’s Soul

Micah Croom Croom is a 22-year old Ivy – League Graduate from Long, Beach California. More about author Disney’s Soul is a movie that was expected to release on October 20th of 2020. However, due to COVID-19 protocols, it was postponed until Christmas of last year. The film is a Pixar Animation piece directed byContinue reading “Review on Disney’s Soul”

Onward: An Excellent (and Underrated) Pixar Film About Family Ties

Olivia Snyder Olivia Snyder is a 2020 graduate of Miami University, where she studied International Relations, Spanish, and Latin American Studies. More about author Score: 9/10 “Long ago, the world was full of wonder. It was adventurous, exciting, and best of all, there was magic!”

Mando S2E3 Is A Brilliant Return To Form

Review: “The Heiress” Benjamin Rose Benjamin Rose is the founder and Editor of The Second Stylus, formerly known as The Path. He is a student at Catholic University and currently seeking a publisher for his first book, The Road Of Glass. More about author Score: 8.7/10 Bryce Dallas Howard has done it again. After lastContinue reading “Mando S2E3 Is A Brilliant Return To Form”

The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: Redemption

Episode Score: 9.5 Season Score: 8.75 In the interest of brevity I have taken the decision to combine my review of The Mandalorian Season 1 with my review of the same season’s eighth and final episode, directed by Taika Waititi. This is all the more useful in that, with Season 2 due to be releasedContinue reading “The Mandalorian S1E8 Review: Redemption”